—Young Adult (YA) Coming-of-Age Fiction—

Clean Romance Set in the Mid-Twentieth Century


“The Hetty books will make a great television series or family-friendly movie."

—Bill Camden, Veteran Hollywood Art Director


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Gentle, imaginative Hetty feels at home with her  kindly parents but struggles to find her place in a new school. She takes refuge in her secret forest hideaway. When an accident forces her to rely on others, will Hetty find what it takes to grow up and fit in? And is a mysterious stranger watching over her?

"Everyone should read this book!"

—Anika Isom, age 13

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Hetty Happens!

Seventeen year-old Hetty is lovesick and miserable, yet not even her kindly parents know. She can’t speak about the one she loves. He'll soon marry someone else. Does she suffer from a youthful crush…or is it lasting love? Gentle, imaginative Hetty can fix other peoples’ problems, but can she repair the damage she's caused with her foolish promise?

“Sweet heroine’s transition into adulthood.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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Hetty or Not

In this tender love story Hetty graduates from college early to marry her beloved Morgan. But the beautiful Katrinka joins forces with a cruel elephant trainer in a scheme to win the rich, handsome Morgan for herself. Against such beauty, ambition, and cunning, does Hetty’s pure and constant love stand a chance?

"Innocence has never been so much fun."

—The Hollywood Times

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Honeymoon Summer

Hetty suffers insecurity on her honeymoon. Could such a perfect man really love her? Morgan forfeited his vast inheritance to marry Hetty, but what can she offer in exchange? When a newspaper reports their marriage is illegal, Morgan’s gorgeous, conniving ex-fiancée arrives. Can Hetty unlock the secret to lasting love?

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Hetty on hold

West's endearing heroine...is threatened with the loss of all she holds dear. Her undimmed spirit and gentle, loving nature [remind] us that love never fails...West's well-pace story moves along with twists and turns, to a poignant, yet satisfying ending.

—–Rebecca Dye Heron, Home-schooling mother, Author of U-Turn in the Fast Lane

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"West deserves a place on the bookshelf alongside Nash and Milne, whose classic poetry carries timeless reflections on the universal condition of being a sensitive human being.”

—Karen McCarthy, ForeWord Clarion Review

Five * * * * * Stars (out of five)


It's Me, Pippa!

Ignatz, a reformed petty criminal, acts as Pippa’s surrogate father while her parents are away. Nine-year-old Pippa arranges a romance between her handicapped teacher and Ignatz, but will her good intentions compensate for her bungling? Though Pippa tackles dangers and grown-up problems with courage and imagination, can she escape the cruelty of the school bully?


"Absolutely captivating read for the whole family. Pippa is a great combination of her talented parents Hetty and Morgan Morganthal. This 9-year-old kept this reader on the edge of her seat through the whole book. The Hollywood Times looks forward to another loving, fun, and thought-provoking sequel to learn how this precocious child will affect her world for good. We give West's IT's ME, PIPPA! five stars."

—Valeri Milano, The Hollywood Times

Five * * * * * Stars (out of five)



Rhymes and Doodles from a Wind-up Toy

...Shel Silverstein-esque…. rhyme schemes are steady, making lap reading pleasant...A lighthearted collection that sometimes tackles weightier themes.”

—Kirkus Reviews

"Wow, it's great! And it's not even stupid or anything."

—Grandson, age 12

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Longer than Forevermore

"....an ideal bedtime book....This book’s straightforward rhythm and appealing illustrations will likely make it a favorite of parents and young children."

Kirkus Reviews


 —The Hollywood Times

Five * * * * * Stars

(out of five)

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Jake, Dad and the Worm

"A delight to read---fun rhymes and playful use of language. The illustrations are AMAZING... And yes, a beautiful message too."

—L.D., Amazon.com

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